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Time to settle in with a good book...

With summer now firmly behind us and the autumn leaves nearly all fallen, I'm drawn to "Darla." ...No Darla, isn't a mistress, nor is Darla my wife. Darla is a well-worn red leather chair. A most perfectly worn in red leather chair that can hug you for hours. She's a great listener, and loves most all books. Alternately, she's accustom to aiding in morning "stare-time," ah yes, with a cup of steaming java. Darla enjoys perpetually the best seat in the cabin - she's always positioned towards the river and its' gently flowing waters flowing hour after hour, season upon season. It's not often you come across such a euphoric "day-dreaming" aid such as Darla. Always awaiting her next guest, here at Shadowland River Lodge she is.

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